Hello Goodbye Blackbird

Some personal work pieces just never get finished. You go back to them over and over again and change the colors or change the composition or change a teeny-weeny detail in a character’s foot.

Bye bye Blackbird! That’s what I’ve tried to tell this piece several times. Do you think this time he’s gone? Or still hanging around?

Cabaret Blue

Blue Cabaret Pirita Tolvanen

This shoe wants to DANCE.

I wrote a story about two blue shoes waiting for someone to buy them and to take them out dancing – it’s called Cabaret Blue. And there’s a dancer walking by the shop each and every day but he never enters the shop to come and get them. But of course it has a happy ending! They end up on big stages and get to dance until they drop.

I would not mind at all having pretty blue shoes myself!


#36daysoftype 2017 was fun! It’s a design / illustration challenge, where there’s a letter or a number for every day during the challenge period. Here are my letters. Diamonds, girls, french-kissing snakes, legs, wheel of fortune, mountains to climb, moon, cartwheels, kangaroos.. And even one of my favorite song of all times, ”Twilight driving” (check it out!).ABCDEFG Pirita

And my numbers:

0123 Numbers

And there’s always those you love more than others…

C pirita

O pirita-01.png

H pirita-01

X Pirita-01

That’s all folks.